Congratulations! Dr Anuna Vinod!

Dr Anuna Vinod is a young Family Physician, driven by a fervent commitment to advancing the field of medicine. Having earned her Diplomate in National Board degree in Family Medicine from India in 2022, she has since assumed the role of a Senior Resident at the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh, India.

Dr Vinod's journey encompasses her instrumental involvement in establishing the Family Medicine Department at central institutes, where she contributes to policy-making and champions the development of Family Medicine Postgraduate programs. Her ongoing dedication is centred around serving rural deprived communities, with a primary focus on the expansive Cancer Belt in Sangrur, Punjab- a region within the Malwa belt where she manages an independent Family Medicine outreach OP at the PGI Satellite Centre. Throughout her postgraduate years and beyond, Dr Vinod has undertaken numerous community programs, health education initiatives, symposiums, workshops and health camps. Beyond her clinical endeavors, Dr Vinod contributes extensively to her field. She is an esteemed member of the WONCA Working Party on Women and FM (WWPWFM), representing India on an international platform. Furthermore, she plays a pivotal role as the Media Coordinator of the Spice Route India Movement Kerala Chapter and is a valued member of The Spice Route India Technical Wing.

Dr Vinod has presented numerous papers and published works in esteemed international journals, securing several prizes at National and State conferences. Some of her outstanding achievements include receiving the MRCGP scholarship for WONCA 2021 and the distinguished Best Young Doctor Award at the AFPICON Kerala State Conference in 2023.