Membership privileges

  • Member of general body
  • Right to vote
  • Right to propose or second any one for any office of the Governing Body
  • Right to hold any nominated post appointed by the governing body
  • Participate in all activities of AFPI
  • Discounted registration fee (10%) at all AFPI International/ National/ State/ Local CME/ CPD events
  • Eligibility for AFPI Accredited Clinic Certification

The Academy provides

  • Facilities to students, scholars and institutions for the study of or research in Family Medicine in any of its aspects by way of scholarships, fellowships, grants, endowments, etc.
  • Either through itself or in cooperation with other bodies or persons fellowships, prizes, certificates, diplomas of proficiency in the science of Family Medicine and conduct such tests, examinations or other scrutiny as may be prescribed from time to time.
  • Free of cost or at subsidized cost its official journals, books, periodicals or publications on Family Medicine and allied subjects which the society thinks is desirable for the promotion of its objects.
  • Opportunity to its member to participate in Conferences, Lectures, Meetings, Seminars, Symposia, Workshops, Continuing Medical Education Programs, etc.

  • Opportunity to become members of its Branches / Special Interest Chapters / Groups / Cells / Committees.
  • Opportunity for international exchange programs
  • Opportunity for participation in International Conferences
  • Institutional membership of WONCA (World Organization of Family Doctors)
  • Opportunity for travel scholarship / awards/ research grants
  • Medico legal advice on family practice
  • Discounted Indemnity Policy

Principle of membership Family Medicine is the practicing discipline of majority Indian doctors. The basic licensing qualification for starting family practice in India is MBBS and registration with the medical council. As a foundation principle of AFPI all primary care doctors must be given an equal opportunity for career development at par with any hospital- based specialist both in terms of professional as well as academic domains. Therefore, AFPI supports full time post graduate qualification for all practicing primary care doctors (family medicine specialist/ general practitioners/ family physicians/ medical officers / family medicine faculty etc).  It is encouraged that all life members should hold full time post graduate qualification in family medicine.

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